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It has been 3 weeks since the conclusion of WOC and in the interim we have had the World Games where Ralph, Peter, Megan and Tessa came away with some very good individual and team results.

The fund raising campaign blew most of us away with donations totalling £8,664.50 and with the addition of gift aid this came to a whopping £10,312.50.

Not only did we have great support from home but at WOC its self, and in the run up, there were a number of individuals who were instrumental helping the athletes; Duncan Archer, Liz Campbell, Bob Dredge, Simon and Matt Elkington, Eddie Nicholas, Dave and Sarah Rollins, multiple supporters and many more.

Some athletes have been reflecting on the week.  We concluded the week with 2 top 10s, 8 top 20s and 4 top 30s among which there were multiple personal bests.  Although this reads as a successful list you might read the word 'disappointed' in many of the quotes, this simply illustrates the level of individual and team aims.

"WOC in Esto…